Activists cautiously welcome decision as Oxford college’s board supports removing Cecil Rhodes statue | INTELLIGENT WORLD TODAY |
The college’s decision has not been universally welcomed. Oxford’s chancellor, Chris Patten, called the demonstrators hypocrites and said the Rhodes Scholarship has benefited more than 8,000 students from around the world since its creation in 1902.

“There is a bit of hypocrisy … in Oxford taking money for 100 scholars a year, about a fifth of them from Africa, to come to Oxford, and then saying we want to throw the Rhodes statue in the Thames,” he told the BBC recently. He added that in 2003, Nelson Mandela paid tribute to Rhodes for his philanthropy and set up the Mandela Rhodes Trust to help heal divisions. “For all the problems associated with Cecil Rhodes’s history … if it was all right for Mandela, then I have to say it’s pretty well all right for me,” Mr. Patten said.