Condoleezza Rice: China Wants To Shift The Narrative On COVID-19, Don't Let Them | Video | RealClearPolitics | INTELLIGENT WORLD TODAY |

Hoover Institution Fellow Condoleezza Rice speaks with Hoover's Tom Gilligan about the "reckoning" the Chinese Communist Party is likely to face over it's handling of the COVID-19 outbreak and both the public and private conversations U.S. officials should have with them.

Rice primarily accuses China of a coverup of the early outbreak of the virus, which cost the world time that could have been used to prepare. It is "very hard to get answers from China," she said.

We have to have a really honest assessment about where this started, how it started, when it started, when the Communist Party knew, and why they didn't get on it, that's the public part.

The private part is: You have to go to the Chinese and say, "You can't keep doing this."