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And by “they,” I mean the same families and their “corporations” that have been running the world since the European plunder of the Americas. Oh, so now you finally realize you’re been living in a totalitarian socialist dystopia all this time? You really believed you were “free?” Bwahahaha…..


As far as this particular strain of the flu is concerned; so far the mortality rate is about the same as the “regular” flu. Most people who are dying are of Asian descent, over 80 years of age, and have two or more underlying conditions.


Which is a polite way of saying “were going to die anyway.” The numbers on the ground, and in the ground do not support the wild claims make by the presstitutes in the MainStreamMedia. “Pandemic?” Hardly. You do the math.


When Columbus ran aground on Hispanola, Europe was still in the Dark Ages. The Spanish brought back gold, silver, and emeralds to Spain, where it was plundered by the English and French. From 1500 until WWII, the Euros fought over this wealth, as well as who controlled the new colonies in the Americas.


Great Britain pretty much won North of present day Mexico; Spain and Portugal South of that. The Global North  have squandered their resources; and have their beady little minds are fixed on the Global South. Englands war on Argentina in 1982 was a foretaste of things to come. Venezuela anyone?


What just happened was a massive reset of the world economy. The Elites have finally realized (or have known for some time) that there are no more jobs (which I wrote about in 1989), no more cheap resources to extract, and no more cheap labor. Solution? Lay-off half of the workforce indefinitely; let them eat cake until the mechanisms of surveillance, crowd control, and detention are in place, and then roll the dice.


This is a test; this is only a test, and We The People have failed miserably. The test was to see if U.S. settlers have any of the old revolutionary war or pioneering spirit or” gumption” left. Apparently the answer is “No.” The Oligarchs are pretty confident that they can handle any shootouts with civilians (see Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge).


Now that drone technology has been perfected, they can wipe out any so-called “militia” from 1000 miles away. So no, the days of armed rebellion are long gone. But I’m sure there are some real hard-cases left who would rather die on their feet than live on their knees...especially if they have to stay indoors.


This lockdown is not about not being able to go shopping or entertainment event; it’s about absolute control over freedom of movement and association. Also the right to earn a living, or otherwise, you know, survive. $1200?! That’s the tab for a modest dinner party for eight in a good San Francisco restaurant. Maybe will include taxes and tips; probably not wine, coffee, or dessert. 


This paltry sum will surely be welcomed by most people, especially after being de facto starved for a month. But I’m guessing that half the people being laid off today will never be rehired. Also, I wonder how many marriages will be ruined as couples really get to know each other, and run screaming into the night?


When this “emergency” is over, and if you can find a corporate job, you will work from home, or in spaces like the WeWork concept. Spend $100M to build a skyscraper? Not on your life. I’ll have another yacht, or home, or private plane, thank you.


If you don’t have a job servicing the machines, you will have one servicing humans. The number of housekeepers, nannies, gardeners, drivers, and food service workers with B.A.’s and M.A.s will increase exponentially. You might even nab a Ph.D to paint your house…


All the money that used to go into auto sales and products, road, bridge, and mass transit construction, fast food, coffee, and restaurants, the hospitality industry, the travel industry, credit card fees, entertainment industry (except gambling); all that cash will be “redistributed”… and not to you. Half the businesses that have shut down will never re-open. Many that do will be managed by a touchscreen, or AI robot.


Spoiler alert: no drug, doctor, or hospital will save you. A bullet-proof immune system is your ONLY defense against disease. Vaccines may work for some people, they may not for others.


Pharmaceuticals only control symptoms (make you “feel better”) until your immune system fights off the pathogens. Most pharmaceuticals are very toxic; read the label. Is bleeding from the eyes a risk with taking for a random ache or pain? Go down the chemical path at your own risk.


This is not advice, this is facts. The best disinfectant is sunlight; specifically ultra-violet radiation. Saltwater is also a good disinfectant. So is salt (sodium chloride), alcohol, chlorine, vinegar, and ammonia. Boiling water kills most viruses that prey on humans. Bars of soap and air-dryers are breeding grounds for pathogens. A nail brush is necessary to properly wash your hands.


Natural anti-virals include ginger, garlic, onions, chiles, basil, honey, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and turmeric. I did not say that that any of these things will protect you against coronavirus. I am saying that you are surrounded by pathogens, including coronaviruses, 24/7. Do Your Own Damn Research…


Apparently biology is not being taught in schools anymore; most “educated” people in the USA have NO idea how their body works, other than that they must stuff their faces. Speaking of faces, how many viruses, bacteria, and other organisms are living in those (passè) hipster beards? Or that (passè) Jesus or Bob Marley hair? Or under those un-manicured fingernails? How about your fondle-slab?


What about the last faucet-knob or door handle or railing or salt/pepper shaker or condiment bottle you touched? Have you wiped down all surfaces in your house with a bleach solution or Lysol? What about the filthy, filthy lucre in your pocket? Dollar-bills are used all over the world, and have to be among the dirtiest things on the planet…aside from your grubby little paws. Tip; buy and use disposable tissue and wipes.


So don’t panic about the coronavirus, Kiddies. Take sensible precautions, and carry on. Resist authoritarianism however you can. If you need something to worry about, consider where your next meal is coming from, and how another four years of the Trump/Pelosi administration will look…..


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